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Some info about new BA

So, what's so special?
What's new?
On the outside, maybe not much changed from the old site. But the inside is changed a lot.

The tipster login, tipster functions, admin functions, database buildup, etc.
Tipsters now have only one login, and can predict a lot of leagues on only one login.
Tipsters will have full Facebook, Twitter, etc integration (soon to come). Tipsters can insert their eventual Facebook or Twitter URL's in their user profiles, so readers can follow them on social media if they so wish.

Much better statistics, which will will create a  lot of listings for, which can show just aboyut any stat you want about a tipster. We have not enabled all this from the start, but will ease it in.

We are launching this site a bit premature, due to time restrains at our old server provider (had to move before Aug 31), so there may be some bugs here and there. I hope you bare with us in this period of time.

We know we have some issued with browser Internet Explorer 8 (tipster editor is not working very well with that browser (losing data), so we urge you to use other browsers. Work is underway to fix the error though.

All tipsters shall be able to log in using their old username and password and continue posting picks if they so wish.

There will be greater focus on more, and perhaps new tipsters on this site, as we are looking to get more picks, more volume and more buzz on the site.

The new site is also made for use on ipads, mobile phones, etc, but this feature is not yet activated (need a bit more testing).

Expect more features to be added soon also on the site, not all is ready to be launched yet.
We had to launch the site a bit before it perhaps was ready, due to time restraints with the old server provider.

There is bound to be some errors here and there, and if you see some, please send them to and we will fix them as soon as possible.

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