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CHAT RULES (read first, enter chatroom when done!)


1. In the main chat English is the only language, which will be spoken, if you feel an urge to talk in other languages, then please do it in priv.

2. Fake scores are not allowed

3. Flooding is not allowed

4. Repeating is not allowed

5. Guests must take a nick within 10 minutes.

6. The chat must be in a sober tone.

7. No personal insults

8. If you disagree on something, or feel like something is missing, fell free to address your question / opinions, to the OPs.

9. If you don't follow the rules, the OPs can decide to kick you, or in extreme cases give you a ban.

10. OP's in the chatroom are Bettingadvice' prolonged arm. If you don't behave and obey what the moderators/op's tell you to, it is an offence against BA as much as an offence against the ops.

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