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Review: Blue Square

Overview was set up in 1999, but don't let that put you off! They are now owned by the Rank group, a massive leisure company who also own casinos and hard rock cafes!

Opening account

This procedure is simple, quick and easy. There is a choice of 7 currencies to use, you chose your own login name, and you are also allocated an account number. Bluesq also have a phone service, WAP and digital TV betting. I have yet to use these services, however, all the services use the one account. Website uses your own login name, while the other services require the use of the account number.


Once again, quick and efficient. Register a card (debit or credit card) and then deposit, minimum of £10. If you place a bet of more than your balance, instead of coming to a stop and informed you have insufficient funds to continue, the site takes you to a page where you can complete the bet by depositing more funds there and then. Some bookies insist you go out, use the deposit function then start your selections again, not bluesq. My only criticism of the transaction procedure is if you want to change the registered card, this requires a phone call to customer services. Not a major problem, however, it would be better to either be able to register multiple cards, or change this online. Withdrawals are onto the card registered, and are quick and easy.


Fast, easy to use, uses drop-down menus for individual sports, then select the event you are interested in. Easy to get into other markets. For example, football matches are displayed as H/D/A, but by clicking on other bets the full range of markets comes up quickly.


Simple, easy to read, nothing flash. Front page gives up and coming major events, and the days highlights.

Graphics Speed

Few graphics, which I see as a bonus. Apart from Alan Shearer on the home page, icons are used throughout the rest of the site. A high score here, for the lack of graphics cluttering up the site! The colours used on the site are mainly blue and white, making it easy to view.

Bet Procedure

Very simple to use. Uses tick boxes, then shows the bets available with the selections made. Easy to remove selections, or add others in. As mentioned before, easy to deposit more funds if not enough are in the account, as opposed to having to come out of the betting slip, deposit more, then return to it.


All in English. Chose between decimal or dividend. All of the site is available before logging in so you can have a look for the odds you are interested in, and the customer service is excellent. This is not 24 hours a day though.


Because they belong to Rank, I have full confidence in them. Withdrawals have always been paid quickly.


Nothing outstanding, and odds that are out of line will be cut quickly, especially in smaller sports, tennis is one that I have noted. Football odds are about the same as most other bookies.

Event on offer

Only the major European leagues on offer, so hardly comprehensive. They do offer tennis odds, but often miss out certain matches in events, while some other smaller sports, bowls and darts, are covered. Major American sports are also covered, as are certain American races. 1 bet I get involved in is the over/under 2.5 goals market, however, bluesq do it different, 0-1 goal, 2-3, 4 or more, not a favourite of mine though! As for other markets, they offer quite a wide range on football, more on live games than other matches though.


High score for Bluesq, and for good reasons! The site is quick, simple to use, easy to find the markets you are wanting, and all transactions are easy. Customer service isn't 24 hours, though, and outside the major European leagues there are no events on offer. I highly recommend Bluesq and find they fit in perfectly with my portfolio of accounts at bookies. I would use them more if they offered more leagues, however, for all the larger leagues they are very good. Tennis is coverage is also something I have used them for, although they tend to follow other bookies, rather than be the first with lines. Overall though, a good site. Written by Simon Bell 15.01.2004 on behalf of

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