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Review: Bet-at-home


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Opening account

Very quick procedure, but since you can't chose your own user ID and password, I'm not going to give more than 6. Infact, when you need to remember an 8-digit user ID, and then a 5-digit password, I'm tempted to give only a 5 instead, but the 6 is for a very quick procedure. Should really change their system so that punters can chose their own user ID at least


Very good. Payments can be done in two ways, either directly to your bank account, or by check. Most bookies only offer payments by check. Deposits work the same way. No VISA as yet, though. Payments directly to bank account is something I've been missing at most bookies. Bet-at-home provides this option. They are very quick with crediting your account after winnings. It takes only a few minutes after the match ends before your account is updated. This is excellent !


Ok procedure until you get to the betting procedure (see below). The meny-gifs are located in the top frame of the site, and there is also a smaller menu in the left side of the page. When you enter the betting procedures the smaller menu disappears though.


Quite delicate design, very nice indeed. Very accomplished, and nothing left to suggest this is made in the backroom by a 14 year old. t the frontpage you can chose between English and German. I would expect more languages to be implemented soon.

Graphics Speed

Some may feel the menu-pictures take a while to download, but overall I think their use of graphics is quite good. Not too much, and not too little either. Ok.

Bet Procedure

Many of you may not share my opinion here, but I dislike the way you have to chose wether you will be betting singles, combo, handicap, over/under, etc BEFORE you actually get to see the odds on offer. If you have chosen Singles, and you suddenly decide you want to place a double bet, you must start from the very beginning again (first chose betting mode, then chose what kind of sport). This is very annoying. In addition to that, the window in which the betting occures, is a pop-up window with no back and forward buttons, so you can not navigate by other methods than the top frame menues, (there is no way of getting back to the previous page). This is not good enough. Although it works, it's quite annoying.


I've experienced a small problem with a bet that had not been credited my account, sent an email, and got the answer 15 mins later. This is very good, and I've also had some contact with one of the owners, Franz Oehmer, which is a very nice guy indeed. For me the service at Bet-at-home is excellent. They can be reached by phone, fax and email, but if everything goeas by plan, you should never really need their support.


It seems that Bet-at-home are a serious bookmaker, and a bookie we will hear more about in the years to come. They answer mails, they offer easy registration and money transfers, but what's counting against them is the short time they've been in business. For big money gamblers this can be of importance because we don't know the financial position of the company, compared to the bigger companies like Interwetten, William Hill, etc. Although I have an careful approach to new bookmakers, Bet-at-home looks like a reliable and serious bookmaker to me. After all, they are located in Austria, and Austrians are reliable ! :)


Very good odds on offer indeed. They have good odds on favourites, and seem to "forget", or overlook, matches which has certain settings hanging over them. For instance, there has been several matches where the motivation factor, and perhaps the possibility of a fixed game, has passed Bet-at-home by. This can ofcourse be very lucurative for punters.

Event on offer

They offer odds on most European leagues, on icehockey, tennis, formula 1, special events, etc. Bet-at-home are no worse than other bookies, but they are not better than others either when it comes to events offered. Bet-at-home also offer in-match betting, for extra excitement during a televised game. This is not so common among bookies yet, and is a very exciting feature indeed.


Ok score, losing points on the betting procedure and registration Bet-at-home is a very exciting newcomer into the world of bookmaking. It's a small organisation, but they offer good customer service, very good odds, and almost instant crediting of winnings back to your account. They need to improve the registration part, because it's not good enough to provide the customer with an 8-digit user ID and a 5-digit password. This should be chosen by the customer. The betprocedure needs to be improved also, at least from my point of view. It works, allright, but it is a very bothersome way of betting when you have to click many times back and forth to place to singles bets. All in all, Bet-at-home is a bookmaker to be recommended, and if they improve some of their features this could be a very good bookie indeed. Review date: 19.05.2003

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