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Opening account

Very easy and quick procedure. First you must fill the open account form then you deciding a nickname and password. You can choose your own nickname and password, this is a good option. They dont ask your credit number at this step. After filling the form, you are receiving a mail from them in 5 minutes. At this mail they confirm your membership, giving you key and a user code. At the received mail when you click on the showed link your opening account procedure is finishing. The deposits in customer account can be done by using bank transfer, international cheques, credit and debt cards, and Prepaid Service Card and according to the terms and limits specified for each of these ways. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club cards.


The amounts deposited in the account are available for the withdrawal of the customer whenever he likes, for an amount equivalent to the difference between the credits made by the company and the withdrawals made previously. Withdrawal from the account the total sum or a part of the sum available. After demanding for the withdrawal of money, you will indicate the terms of payment: Bank transfer; sent by ordinary mail, sent by a registered letter; sent by a carrier. The requests of withdrawal from the account will be worked in 24 working hours' time following the request. The PrePaid Service Card represents a new system to pay services offered the Customer by Be-Emotions network. The functioning is similar to a normal pre- paid phone card. The Customer buys a PrePaid Service Card of the value and currency he likes and can enjoy services according to this amount.


Very easy and well designed. At the left side by using the Recharge account, account Statement, withdrawal from account buttons, you can move on your account. The names of the sports are listed. You can choose a sport and see their odds. At the right side there are News and Gossip sections. At the News section you can read last news about all kinds of sports and at Gossip section you can read magazine news from all over the world. Pages are downloading very quick.


Very nice design. 5 language options ( English, French, Italian, German, Italian) available at the frontpage. It is very enjoyable to surf at this site. Simple, well designed, colourful and functional.

Graphics Speed

There are not any pictures at the site. But the site is full with nice, colorful graphics. Very modern and high quality graphics and design, nice colors used. Very professionally designed web site.

Bet Procedure

Very easy and well prepaid procedure.The customer has at his disposal a great selection to make his prognostics. Besides traditional "1-X-2" on the 1st and 2nd time, he has got other several possibilities: for example, results on 90° minute, goals number on the 1st and 2nd time, double chance, Goal/Not Goal, 1st and last marker, etc...If you want to only check only odds and dont want to play at the moment, you can check the odds from the frontpage. Enter Click on Logo of Ibex Game (Betting now) or the following link. You need to wait for visualizing the page completely. Click on "Bet" option on the top of the page and then choose "ALL" option After visualizing your login window you need to insert your UserID and password. So, you'll enter the page where you are able to check all the matches and on the right of this page you'll find "CLICK AND BET" Option. (If you are not able to see CLICK AND BET, you need to use the scroll bar to visualize this option). Select the results you wish; in the same page, on the left bottom corner you need to insert the amount you wish to bet. Click on "Accept" button. Also with the "cancel bet" option, you can cancel your bets by entering their times and codes.


Every month customers receive by e-mail a fiscal document, showing the services produced, distributed or given by the company directly. Periodically, the customers receive by e-mail a fiscal document from the suppliers directly , showing the services realized, bought or given by other suppliers without intermediary from the company. You can send mails to Information, Sales, Press, Technical Support divisions of company. Also you have an option to fill a online question form on the web. They answer your mails and questions but not very quick, in maximum 2 days you are receiving an answer.


Reliable company. Betsense is a part of Be-Emotions Ltd which located in London. Be-Emotions is an IBAS (Independent Betting Arbitration Service) member to guarantee its customers more transparency and safety. This institution is an authoritative, totally independent third party offering adjudication for the customers who have an unresolved betting dispute with bookmaker regularly registered in UK. All Be-Emotions customer could appeal to this service independently if he will be unsatisfied about our Customer Care Service. IBAS resolution will be definite and final. Be-Emotions is registered and authorized by the Betting Licensing Commitee.


The odds are not bad but of course not the best ones too. Generally it is possible to find good odds for Spain and soccer league here.

Event on offer

You can find everything here. They offer soccer, motor-car racing, basketball, volleyball, tennis, cycling, ski, rugby, baseball, football, boxe, hockey, sailing, olympic games, Sanremo festival, The Oscar, Miss Italy Beauty Contest, Italian and Foreign politics, main economical and market index, earthquakes, vip weddings and divorces...


Rather high score. Betsense has got a very well designed, professional web site. With the nice design and graphics and functional navigation system it is very enjoyable to surf at this site. When you bored and dont want to bet at the moment, you can go to this site and read the gossips. To open an account is an easy and quick procedure on the web. You can choose your username and password, this is also good but they give many codes, numbers, keys for security, you must remember them or at least write to somewhere. Transactions, bet procedure and reliabilty are ok. Their odds are not very high and their services have some problems. But you can find every kind of sports and events to bet on here. Well worth an account. Written 29.01.2002 by Onur Erturk for

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-Great bookie, offer superb odds (low margins), very high limits, does not slash winning customers. Probably the most reliable sportsbook on the net. Well known among sports punters for their ability and will to offer a fair product. Pinnacle will not hide. If you are good, you win. OK,  I'll give Pinnacle Sports a try!

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Great bookie, offer superb odds (low margins), very high limits, does not slash winning customers. Probably the most reliable sportsbook on the net. Well known among sports punters for their ability and will to offer a fair product. Pinnacle will not hide. If you are good, you win. OK,  I'll give Pinnacle Sports a try!

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