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Review: Nordicbet


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Opening account

Quick procedure. Fill in standard personal information such as name, address and bank account number. NB allows you to choose your own username, which is good. At the moment you can choose between the Scandinavian currencies (except Finnish Markka), British Pounds, Euro and U.S. Dollar. NB doesn't ask for ID-card, etc. unless they suspect that the credit card doesn't belong to the customer. This is a big plus in my opinion. Some bookmakers request ID-card, a copy of your credit card, etc. and it can take weeks before you can deposit or withdraw money the first time.


You can either deposit money with credit card or bank transfer. NB charges 2.75% of the amount you deposit with your VISA or MasterCard. You have the money on your account directly after deposing with your credit card. It takes 2-4 days when you make a bank transfer to one of NB's bank accounts. You can fax them the receipt of your transfer if you want your account updated as quickly as possible. Bank transfer is the only option for withdrawels at the moment. Fill in your bank account details and the money will be sent to you within 2-4 days. A receipt is sent to you when a withdrawel has been made. Withdrawals exceeding the amount of 60 Euro/USD are free of charge. Not many options such as Moneybookers, PayPal or Western Union, but if you are a VISA or MasterCard-user, the transactions won't be a problem for you


Simple and functional navigation. You can directly access to everything you want without surfing much. Main menu and login to the right. Sports, leagues and bet types categorized in the middle, very easy to find the object you're looking for in one step. Well-organized and understandable history (placed bets and transactions). All Scandinavian languages supported and of course also English.


Not a very good-looking design, but not ugly either. VERY simple layout. The site might give an unprofessional look, but personally I love it's simplicity. I use bookmakers to place bets, not to admire their nice layout.

Graphics Speed

One big banner at the top, but that's all. The site always loads very fast except a few minutes before the Serie A and EPL-matches start on weekends.

Bet Procedure

I have read reviews where the authors write how easy it is to place bets at the reviewed bookmaker, and I fee that it is few bookies that got an easier bet procedure than NB's. As I wrote above, the sports, leagues and even bet types are listen at the main page, so it's very easy to find the object you're looking for in one step. NB uses checkboxes, so it's easy to mark/unmark the objects. If you want to make a parlay, you can for example list all handicap-bets for NBA, under/over-bets for all icehockey-games and all tennis-odds at the same page. You can also display all odds for a special day by selecting date in the drop-down-menu at the top of the page. Simplicity is the word. Lacks a bet slip, as Gamebookers and Interwetten got though. It makes it easier to re-use bets, and create other variants. Nordicbet does not have the optimal software for bet procedure, but deserve either a solid 7 or a thin 8. I land on a very solid 7.


Very quick replies by e-mail (within an hour) between 08.00 and 24.00. Phone support offered a few hours everyday (Monday-Friday). Fax support also available. The few times I have contacted NB, they replied within half an hour and solved the problem quickly. No complaints so far. Good reputation for their support in the Nordic countries, where most of Nordicbet's clients are located.


According to the site, NB has a license in Costa Rica, and runs its business from San Jose in Costa Rica, but I recently discovered that their office is located in Estonia. The company is owned and run by Scandinavian people. The withdrawals are always payed on time and I have never heard any complaints about NB's transactions, so I guess you can trust this bookmaker. Several of the "main men" in this company got solid experience form other bookmakers in the past. Relativly new bookmaker, and still got some way to go until they are a household name. Being Scandinavian makes them perhaps trustworthy enough, but we land on a standard 7 here.


NB offers pretty high odds on favourites, which is good for the average punter, but on the other hand you rarely find prices above average for underdogs. The profit margin on football-games is 8%, which is fair enough. 1.90-1.90-odds on American sports, but sometimes pretty big profit margin on other two-way betting lines. Always out early with their odds. They set their own prices and the odds-compilers aren't afraid of giving outstanding odds, but NB is known for slashing odds quickly, which is of course a minus. But it's often understandable as they offer odds on low divisions and odd sports. Serious punters sometimes call NB "a bookmaker for beginners" since they have pretty low limits on some leagues and sports. If you win too much, you will very probably get your limits cut as well. High odds on favourites is always appreciated by punters, but because of the heavy slashings and the low limits, I only give NB 6 points in this category.

Event on offer

If you're located in Northern Europe, I'm sure you will be completely satisfied with NB's events on offer. As mentioned above, NB offers odds for many low football-divisions such as Norwegian division 5 and Swedish div. 3. You can place money on rare sports such as bandy, floorball, motorsports, table-tennis, trotting, volleyball and most wintersports. You can find odds for most top football-leagues, American sports (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB), tennis, golf, handball, European icehockey-leagues and Scandinavian basketball. NB has many interesting and different bet types on the top European football-leagues and most Scandinavian sports. Personally I miss some of the less-known European football-leagues and the popular Euroleague (basketball). Today NB only has normal handicaps for football, but I heard that the company is planning to offer their customers Asian Handicaps before the end of the year. If you live in Scandinavia, you couldn't ask for more sports/leagues, so I will give NB high points for their events on offer.


NB's main target is Scandinavia and for people living there, I recommend this bookmaker. At least give it a try. Easy to use, fast payouts and good customer support. Great number of events and high odds on favourites, sometimes even better than exchange bookies. The low limits is NB's big disadvantage, so if you are looking for a place to bet with big amounts, I would suggest you to look somewhere else. I'm not sure how fast the payouts are if you live outside Scandinavia, but you can at least feel safe that you will recieve the money. Written 17.01.2004 by Tahoma

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