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Opening account

Opening account at Pinnacle Sports is quite easy. You have to go through the standard procedure of filling the registration form with your personal details. You are able to select your own password, but the username is given automatically without the possibility to change it. It consists of two letters and a random number - the two letters are probably your initials (at least it is like that in my case), so it is quite easy to remember.

To sum up: as easy procedure as it can be, but the impossibility of choosing your own user name make it somehow old-fashioned.


Pinnacle Sports offers a wide selection of deposit / withdrawal transactions - bank transfer, credit cards, moneybookers, neteller and many others. In fact majority of online payment methods are accepted for deposit / withdrawal. No paypal though. I am using moneybookers for transactions and in reality - money is deposited or withdrawn within half an hour. Moneybookers deposits are free of charge and you are entitled to one free withdrawal per calendar month (you are notified if this is your first or successive withdrawal). Each next withdrawal during calendar month is worth 12 euro fee. Minimum deposit is currently 10 euro, while maximum withdrawal 50.000 euro. Pinnacle Sports warns that larger withdrawals might take a little bit longer than standard half an hour.

To sum up: fast and easy, without any problems and majority of transaction methods accepted. Withdrawal fee after the first free withdrawal during a calendar month is not pleasant however. But the speed and lack of problems make up for it


You have to get used to it a bit when you are a fresh Pinnacle Sports user, but when you learn it - it is as easy as possible. Top part of the page consists of your account details and a typical menu - current promotions, cashier, general info and help. You can find a very good review of your transactions in the "review account" menu. You can choose to view all your pending wagers, graded wagers and all transactions and see them in the time span that interests you - last 24 hours, last 48 hours, last week, last month, overall, by day posted, by week posted, by month posted etc etc. If you select one of these - you got a nice summary of how much did you stake and on which events during the time you are interested in. At the bottom you have a sum of how much you won or lost, so it is easy to follow your bets during longer time span. Main part of the page consists of the number of events you are available to bet on (usually all visible events are available for betting and Pinnacle Sports notifies you if it is opposite or if the wagering will be available soon). You just click on the sport / event you are interested in. If the event has some "submenus" like 2nd, 3rd league - the main menu drops down and you are available to go to the league you are interested in. After clicking - you are taken to the screen with odds and betting limits . You just enter the stake in the proper field, press confirm button, rewrite your password and - voila - the bet is pending.

To sum up: easy if you take 10 minutes to learn and browse the site a bit after logging in. Little minus that you can't jump from one sport to the other (no "side" menu with events) without going back to the main page.


In the world of surrounding flashes, javas and all kinds of internet waterfalls and rainbows - Pinnacle Sports is an island of simplicity. I like it very much, because you go to the bookie website to make a bet and not to watch the fantastic work of site designers. Pinnacle refreshed their site lately and now it is clear - very good fonts, nothing hurts my eyes during browsing, very traditional and simple, classical design. Some may not like it, but for me it is a great asset and I am not hesitating to give a max here. .

Graphics Speed

Just like stated above - simple, yet professional. One static banner on the site, very readable texts and good format. Nothing more to add, but just like I say - this opinion can be biased, as I like classical things.

Bet Procedure

When you are already in the odds screen - placing a bet is quite easy. You have a match / event you are interested in and next to it you got a couple of colums. Usually there are three - handicap, moneyline, and under/over (it may vary from event to event). In each of this columns you have a blank field to enter your stake next to the odds proposed by the bookmaker. You enter the stake, place the confirm button, rewrite your password and this is it. Easy and natural. There is also a possibility to select different handicaps or under/overs from the roll-down menu - of course with different odds (but it probably depends on the event you choose). Nice feature is that when you point your mouse cursor to the blank field, where you should enter your stake - the maximum allowed amount is shown. You know then how much you can bet and what is the liquidity of the market.

To sum up: just like everything at pinny - easy and without problem


I have not used too much, because I am rather peaceful :). Actually during last couple of years I contacted the service only once, so let's make it as an example. I accidentally lost my login and password. It took some time to retrieve it, but it was rather my fault than theirs. I had to send them the copies of my ID (unfortunately between opening the account and losing the account details - I moved out and changed the adress - it caused some additional problems). But after long conversation with their support and with my new ID - they finally managed to retrieve my password and login. Whole procedure took about a week, but like I say - I don't blame them, I blame myself. The support was rather friendly and they replied fast (I was not waiting for the reply for longer than one hour during their working hours). They have e-mail support and phone support and probably this is enough. They sounded professional and helpful

To sum up: if you don't make problems - they don't do as well. In simple cases they help at once, in more complicated onces - it takes some time, but everything can be done.


One sentence - if someone doesn't believe in Pinnacle Sport's reliability - then he should start. One of the most trustful bookies in the world with all licenses available. No doubts that reliability is one of their main strenghts. Online since 1998 with a huge database of users worldwide - it says everything


Creme de la creme of Pinnacle Sports. Let me just quote themselves: "Pinnacle Sports takes a unique approach to betting, offering the best odds and highest limits anywhere online, giving you the best chance to win more on a huge range of sports. This is only possible because of our unique combination of exclusive technology, and expertise in odds-setting, that separates Pinnacle Sports from the competition ". Probably the best odds on the market with highest limits. If you are tired of 1.85.1-85 kind of odds - register in pinnacle to witness 1.96 - 1.96 or even sometimes 1.98 - 1.98. They are proud that their payout percentage is 97% in comparison to average market's 92%. If you bet much - this is really a key issue. Pinnacle Sports has best odds and best limits on big markets. They are focused on American sports, but also football fans, tennis fans and other sports fans will find their offer very good. Pinnacle Sports doesn't give you a wide offer of events to bet, nor millions of bonuses. They give you what is essential - odds and limits. And that's fine. The only bookie which in terms of odds can match the betting exchanges.

Event on offer

Well, this issue could trouble a lot of bettors, especially those who like to bet on all kind of events, on exotic bets and on special bets like corners, yellow cards, throw-ins, team to start a match etc etc. You don't find it in pinnacle (with some exceptions). But they give you something for something - you don't have a wide offer, but you get the best odds with high limits. And the offer is wide enough to please majority of bettors. All American sports, all major football leagues with 2-3 top divisions and many minor football leagues with a top division. WTA and ATP tennis. Basketball, ice hockey and some other sports like cycling, motorsports, golf, snooker, volleyball. Also some bets on special events like politics or entertainment. You will not find here betting on 4th Chinese league or most throw-ins in 2nd Finnish division, but you will find all most popular sports in the offer.

To sum up: sometimes you can find an edge over the bookmaker in the lower regional leagues you know. But you won't find it in Pinnacle Sport's offer, which might be a little bit of a disappoitment for some bettors. But if you bet on the "top world sports" - you will find everything - from NBA, through Dutch 2nd Div to the ATP tournament in Casablanca.


Pinnacle Sports is a "must" in a portfolio of every serious bettor. They focus on American sports, so if you like NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA, MLB and you don't have an account at Pinnacle Sports - it must mean that you probably were born yesterday :). But their high odds and limits on other sports (of course with some exceptions like usual) make it a great bookie for all people, who prefer professionalism, reliability and good taste.

Give yourself a better winning chance, create an account at Pinnacle Sports today!

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 Pinnacle Sports
-Great bookie, offer superb odds (low margins), very high limits, does not slash winning customers. Probably the most reliable sportsbook on the net. Well known among sports punters for their ability and will to offer a fair product. Pinnacle will not hide. If you are good, you win. OK,  I'll give Pinnacle Sports a try!

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Great bookie, offer superb odds (low margins), very high limits, does not slash winning customers. Probably the most reliable sportsbook on the net. Well known among sports punters for their ability and will to offer a fair product. Pinnacle will not hide. If you are good, you win. OK,  I'll give Pinnacle Sports a try!

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